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I ordered a product and was asked if I wanted to purchase "Dowload Insurance for 5.99 extra" I said No because I knew I would download it and save it to my backup filer and DVD. At 1.19GB of a 1.2GB download the download said "File cannot be downloaded please try again".

I clicked try again and the message repeated. I did this 3 more times.

One the forth time it took me to a web page and said "Download attempts exceeded you can only download this application 5 times." I haven't downloaded it once! Now I am out 29.99 for software unless I give Digital River another $6.00.

I reccomend you just find your product somewhere else and boycott these bastards.

Monetary Loss: $29.

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You can call their toll free number and ask them to reset your download attempts. They will surely reset it up 2 years from the date of purchase.


So after 72 hours I was responded to by email and Digital river changed the download to 0 so I could actually download it. I am still very upset however as why digital download if it will take longer than going to the store. I chose the digital download so I could use the product right away.

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